About Us

Our History

TEC Sri Lanka is a leading ICT educational campus in Sri Lanka. We started our operations in 1982 as the first steps in a very few cities and now diversified our network over islandwide to provide the best service to the Sri Lankan educational industry.

Who we are

TEC Sri Lanka is the first institute that introduced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) education to Sri Lanka. It is the premier "open and distance learning educational center" which helps a student to be a creative thinker. Today TEC Sri Lanka is the Sri Lanka's largest and most diverse institute among the competitive field and it has a highly innovated, strong academic and flexible educational system. Since 1982 we have opened doors to globalization and it has contributed much to the development of the nation by conducting numerous higher education and professional programs. TEC Sri Lanka has a pioneer educational network which provides multi sectional education. As a technical college, our outlook is progressive equivalent and optimistic. We give offers to anyone who are in need to handle the most relevant, useful and powerful technology effectively and efficiently.

We have offered around fifty courses from kindergarten to the degree programs and we have well experienced panel of teachers and lecturers. Our focus is always on empowering students to make a positive impact of the world. We believe the best way to teach a student is by using new technical strategies. The aim of TEC Sri Lanka is to be known worldwide as a place where the highest academic values and educational innovations and research prosperously to make a real difference. The strategic plan is based around the outstanding learning and they are especially important to children to reach highest levels in the society. Through this professional education, they can also get a highly recognized standard in their lifestyles. As a spirited institution we make distinctive contribution to students in learning and teaching. TEC Sri Lanka offers Cambridge Standard English, ICT and Interactive media courses which is effective for students.

We build on success and enthusiastic student through the knowledge based educational system and we also hope to establish new teaching methods in an interesting way which helps to achieve the objectives of each and every child in Sri Lanka.

Currently, we operate 20 branches in different parts of the island and by August 2014 we are planning to establish 50 Branches Island wide covering each province and district.

As per our company policy in order to become a lecturer we need at least Bachelor's degree with a class in the respective subject areas. Thus, we have qualified and trained Lecturers in our branches.

In respect of infrastructure we have a computer lab with minimum 15 computers and 2 lecture rooms. All the labs are equipped with Interactive multimedia projectors.

What we do?

We have a highly experienced panel of teachers and who have specialized in one grade and one subject for a long time in their careers. We teach you subject units in a completely new way. So it is different from the traditional school teaching method. It minimizes the stress your child is in because of their matters and provides the solution to any problem immediately. This is a new Sri Lankan method at education for the new generation. In Addition to that we have made our DVD lessons to provide better service to the Sri Lankan Students.