Courses List

International Computer Driving License (ICDL)

ICDL is the international standard in digital skills certification. The ICDL is recognized as an international standard for end-user computing skills and is endorsed by a number of universities, colleges and schools in World and Government of Sri Lanka. To obtain the ICDL, a student must pass seven modules. It certifies that the holder has the knowledge and skill needed to use the most common applications practically and productively.

Diploma in Business Information Technology

This programme prepares candidates to become specialists in the Information Technology to meet the needs of modern businesses, especially at the middle levels of organisations. It is designed to meet the increasing demand in the work place for IT professionals with a wide knowledge of business management, technical skills and the capacity to offer support in the implementation of IT-based solutions in a business environment.

Goals of the Programme

Professional Diploma in Information and Communication Technology

The world of computing today demands programmers not only to be competent in software development but at the same time possess a strong fundamental in problem solving. This Diploma in Computer Science program prepares students for the challenging tasks by providing courses from the abstraction level up until implementation and deployment. The content designed for the curriculum covers the courses such as basic computing, programming, operating systems, networking, database, as well as Mathematics and English. These courses, together with extracurricular activities, will shape the mind and body of the students into strong and versatile individuals that are capable to cope with the demanding computing work environment. As part of the curriculum. The graduate of this program can seek employment in the area of software development, web design, web programming, PC maintenance, and any computing-related field.

Professional Certificate in Linux Systems Administration

The Linux Systems Administration Certificate covers the basic Linux system administration. Students access real Redhat Linux Systems provided by OST on which they have root privileges. This series will enable students to garner the skills, experience and confidence needed to build, network, maintain, and automate complex Linux or UNIX based systems