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Certificate in Image Editing and Enhancement for Digital Photographers

The courses are targeted at students who want to be a photographer. Students will learn how to produce professional still images through learning a variety of photographic techniques and the formation of imagery using digital technologies. The main tools include in this course are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Light room. This is an introduction to photographic processing techniques and permanently making an image by digital means. It doesn't matter how great a photographer you are nearly every photograph can benefit from retouching, whether it's to correct subtle color problems or make major changes to the subject or background. In this 3-lesson course, you'll learn how to turn good photographs into showstoppers. Using Photoshop's tools and filters and light room tool, you'll learn to make seamless changes, realistically enhancing your images so that no-one knows work was done.

Duration :50 Hours

Certificate in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Photographers

Photoshop is the world's leading pixel manipulator. There is no other program like it for complete control over the look and feel of your digital image. No other program offers the same level of local image repair or allows such artistic creativity. If you can dream it Photoshop can make it happen! Photographers and designers will benefit from learning systematic professional routines taught in this course. You'll also be challenged to tackle dozens of Photoshop correction features, turn average portraits into stunners, and boost the impact of product and scenery shots. This course is specially designed for photographers and students who wish to gain deep knowledge and practical understanding in using Adobe Photoshop.

Duration :20 Hours

Certificate in Adobe Lightroom for Digital Photographers

Lightroom gives photographers the tools they need to clean up and process images to take a digital photo from a RAW image from a DSLR, to the beautiful, framed eight-by-ten picture on your wall. Not only can Lightroom help you organize all of your files but it can also help you manage the whole digital imaging workflow. Lightroom is designed to help you from start to finish. You get the most bang for your buck once you learn to use Lightroom to empty your memory card, to sort through your files, to set your initial raw file conversion, and to push the finished product over out to the web or to your printer. Lightroom handles the whole chain of events with speed and grace .This Lightroom training course is the perfect course for beginners and photographers. This course will teach you how to use the program to its fullest potential.

Duration :20 Hours

Certificate in Video Editing for Event Videographers

Combining classroom experience with real-world projects, this program is designed for students seeking exciting careers in digital video production, video editing, and motion graphics creation. Students create persuasive, informational, educational, and entertainment-based video, audio and motion graphic content for use in multimedia, web, broadcast, and live events. Students may specialize in: Live Event Video Production which focuses on creation of video and audio materials for streaming web video to full-resolution high definition or Video and Motion, Graphics which focuses on the artistry and design used to create compelling broadcast and interactive graphics.

Duration :50 Hours

Preliminary Certificate in Microsoft Visual Basic .net (

Microsoft's Visual Basic .NET has matured along with the entire Visual Studio .NET development environment. Now, TEC Sri Lanka is pleased to offer laboratory-based courses that feature Microsoft Official Curricula to help you take advantage of all that Visual Basic can offer. Whether you are interested in developing applications for Windows or for the Web, you can use Visual Basic to develop full-featured, professional-looking applications using many of the same object-oriented capabilities that were previously available only in such languages as C++ and Java. If you are new to Visual Basic programming but familiar with other programming languages or a beginner to programming, this certificate program is your best choice for getting into the .NET programming world. Most business applications involve the manipulation of data residing in relational databases so it is important to know how these databases work. Consequently, the certificate program includes database introduction. The goal of this course is to provide the students the knowledge and skills needed to develop Microsoft .NET-based applications by using Visual Basic .NET

Duration :30 Hours