Courses List

Certificate in Android Development

The Android Developer Certificate provides all the skills necessary to create your own applications and games on the Android platform. This certificate includes programming fundamentals, design strategies for mobile devices, and how to create applications and graphical user interfaces. Other topics covered include Java and Android fundamentals, data storage, how to consume and create web components, access device hardware and use a variety of Java and Android objects.

Duration :80 Hours

Certificate in Basic IT for Beginners

Computers have become ubiquitous in the present times. Whether you are employed, self-employed, or run an enterprise, you need a certain level of computer literacy. At a minimum, you are required to know how to send emails, use the internet, create, edit and print documents, use spreadsheets, and make presentations. Familiarity with social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. has also become highly desirable as more and more people realize their utility as smart business tools. This is your best chance to get a certification from the Leader in Computer Education in Sri Lanka. This part-time computer training course is ideal for anyone who wishes to become fully competent in the use of a computer and common applications. Learning and using these essential computer skills will ensure that you are ready for the modern office environment

Duration :30 Hours

Certificate in Computer Graphic Designing

Businesses rely heavily on graphic designers to create and maintain their unique brand identity, and to support their marketing programs and online presence. Produce visually rich communications with the full set of computer graphic arts software skills you'll need to become employed as a graphic designer. Now is the right time to learn the basics of good design, including creating a consistent professional image for an organization across a variety of media, and how to plan, manage and deliver professional-quality graphic design projects. The Computer Graphic Arts Certificate will develop your skills with industry-standard software and concepts for creating visually rich business communications. This certificate will teach the basics of good design and how to create a consistent professional image for an organization across a variety of media.

Duration :80 Hours